Dr. Aunspaugh
Jennifer Aunspaugh, M.D.
Amy Seay, Ph.D.
Amy Seay, Ph.D.
Vice President
McVay, M.D.
Marcene McVay, M.D.
Wendy Ward
Wendy Ward Ph.D.
Liasion to WFDC Little Rock Chapter
Hanna Jensen, M.D., Ph.D.
Hanna Jensen, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Committee Chair
Linda Worley, M.D.
Linda L.M. Worley, M.D., FACLP, DFAPA
Senior Advisor

Mission Statement

To offer the women faculty of Northwest Arkansas the opportunity to come together for comradery, networking and maintaining wellness as we navigate our journey through academic medicine. We share a common commitment and vision for professional development, and we collaborate on services and activities that have helped countless faculty members achieve their goals.

Research Committee

Research is a key component of academic medical practice, but it can be cumbersome. Where do I start, what is a good research question, how do I apply for IRB approval, where I get my data, which statistical methods should I use, how do I interpret my results, how do I write a scientific abstract, how do I write a manuscript, how do I write a grant? Who else is doing research in this field, could I find a collaborator? What if I have a great idea for a new intervention, or a device, or a drug?  And most of all – how do I have time for research? The research committee for WFDC-NW is dedicated to helping women at any stage in their career to get started in, or stay dedicated to, academic medicine. Dr. Hanna Jensen coordinates the efforts of this committee, and can be reached at hkjensen@uams.edu. She runs an open forum Zoom research meeting for UAMS-NW Tuesdays at noon, please email her for details, we welcome you to attend! You can find a list of current projects she works with at the Department of Radiology at  http://radiology.uams.edu/research/ongoing-research/ and the UAMS-NW campus at http://northwestcampus.uams.edu/research/.

Mentoring/Networking Committee

In 1996, WFDC-LR created the first mentoring program for women faculty using senior women advising junior women. This was a very successful program. The Northwest chapter of WFDC plans to match advisors with younger faculty who need career or specific mentoring. There are also plans to match faculty members with medical students, residents or fellows who desire mentoring.

The committee will plan networking events to help junior faculty, residents, fellows and medical students become acclimated and increase interdepartmental associations.


Publications Committee

These are some links to websites that we have found helpful to those new to Northwest Arkansas.





Future Events/Outstanding Projects

Guest speaker virtual event 10/20/2020:

Dr. Stephanie Gardner, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost

Virtual Networking Events

Plan/Host CME events in 2021