Technology Corner

By Victoria Miller, MEd

IV, IVN, and Telecom — What are these things?

UAMS Northwest is an interactive campus.  As we are adding renovated classrooms to the building, we are incorporating top of the line audio/visual equipment that allows our faculty, staff, and students to communicate in a face-to-face like environment.  This environment is referred to by many names: IV, IVN, and Telecom. 

So what is it really?

This environment is an Interactive Video Network.  We use special equipment, video cameras, and TV’s located in classrooms and conference rooms across the state to connect you to others without having to travel to the same location.

Great, so what does this mean for me as a student?

That’s easy.  As a UAMS Northwest student, you can connect with other students and faculty on the Little Rock campus or any UAMS site that has this equipment.   On a weekly basis we have Interactive Video Network connections for classes, meetings, and grand rounds within the College of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, College of Health Professions Radiological Imaging Sciences, and the College of Nursing.

Where can I find IVN’s?

On the Northwest Regional Campus, there are 10 IVN areas available including one or more in each college.   Please check with your Associate/Assistant Dean or the Administrative Assistant in the area for details.

Locations include:

  • 2 classrooms in College of Pharmacy
  • 2 classrooms in College of Medicine
  • 1 classroom/computer lab in Rad Tech
  • 2 Mobile IVN units in UAMS NW Administration
  • 1 Mobile IVN unit in the Baker Conference Center
  • 1 Mobile IVN unit in the Fayetteville Clinic
  • 1 IVN unit in the Springdale Conference Center

What if I do not know how to use the equipment or schedule a meeting?

We have that covered for you as well.  You are more then welcome to ask the area Administrative Assistant for guidance on scheduling the room or for help with turning the system on.   We also have a How To Manual on almost all Mobile IVN units and in each COP and COM classroom.  We have at least one superuser (a person that knows how to use the equipment like they know the back of their hand) in each area.  Some of these super users at UAMS Northwest include:

  • COM – Melissa Blakemore
  • COP – Susan Walker and two P3 Tech Students designated by the college each year
  • UAMS NW Administration – Cindy Soulsby
  • Student Services – Leslie Hitt

If you have any questions about IVN or would like to discuss any of this with me feel free to email or give me a call anytime.

Victoria Miller, M.Ed.
UAMS Northwest Regional Campus

Office Location: UAMS NW Information Technology Building