Technology Corner

By: Victoria Miller, M.Ed.

You will be on the Northwest Regional Campus for only a split second before you hear the word technology mentioned in a classroom or about one of your courses. With the rapid growth of technology in the classroom, a new field has emerged in the academic world:  Educational Technology.

What are Educational Technology and E-Learning Technologists?image of world coming out of laptop

Educational Technology is the use of equipment and tools such as computers, video cameras, the internet, and microphones in the classroom.  E-Learning Technologists are the group of people that make your online exams in Blackboard and Perception work.   They are the “go to” people for technology help guides and when you just don’t understand how to upload that document into your Blackboard course or need training on how to use the new classroom microphones.  

Who and where are these people?  

Believe it or not, someone in this field may be just around the corner from you.  If you are on the Little Rock campus, you will find these people in each college.   At UAMS Northwest, we have an E-Learning Technologist to assist students in all of the colleges represented on this campus.  Feel free to contact her with any questions!

Victoria Miller, M.Ed.
UAMS Northwest Regional Campus

Office Location: UAMS NW Information Technology Building

Stay tuned:  The next Technology Corner will highlight the new technology being installed in the classrooms on the Northwest Regional Campus.