Ongoing Projects

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Student / ResidentFaculty PITitleDescription / Status
Joshua MuellerWesley CoxBrief Resilience Score and Opioid Usage after shoulder replacement surgeryManuscript in progress
Various M3 and M4 studentsJay GandyCOVID seroprevalence in college studentsData collection in progress
Kaitlynn ButlerLinda WorleyVariability of anesthesia rotationsManuscript in progress
Chintav Shah, Alex Belote, Dalton HooseThomas SchulzEvaluating the Causal Role of Inflammation in Social Prejudice Data collection in progress
Carver HainesLinda McGheeEquestrian Rider InjuriesData analysis pending
Madison ShawMollie MeekRadiological findings in intimate partner violenceIRB in progress
Eric PeelerJon BatesTuberculosis and COVID in the Marshallese populationIn planning stages
Scott LirggAstryd Menendez (ACNW)Flu shot compliance in Northwest ArkansasData collection ongoing
Blake O'Brien
Joe Malhis
Valerie GermanA Curious Case of EncephalopathyAccepted to the Arkansas ACP Poster competition
Blake O'Brien
Ethan Anderson
Kerry Williams (VA)Case Report: COVID-19 in a patient with metastatic melanomaWrite-up in progress
Maryam HamidThomas K. SchulzCharacterization of ophthalmologic disease in Pacific Islanders with diabetesIn planning stages
Kayla WilliamsThomas K. SchulzPregnancy in Residency: What Are We Risking?Abstract submitted to ACP