December 2, 2017

Physical Therapy Student Honored for Community Partnership

Physical Therapy Student Steven Keller received the Student Community Partnership Award.

Steven Keller has shown great passion for his work with the Marshallese patients at the North Street Clinic in Fayetteville. Steven is an active member of the North Street student board and has worked with other team members to develop effective evaluation protocols to involve all students in the interprofessional team-based approach to patient care within the North Street Clinic. In addition to his role on the student board, Steven devoted his time to a student project working with the research team to develop home exercise programs for the Marshallese community health workers. This project allowed the community health workers to teach exercise to the Marshallese population to improve their overall activity levels for improved health and wellness. He created an exercise manual and trained community health workers. Steven has been an integral part of both the student team at the North Street clinic and the research team to improve the health and wellness of the Marshallese patients in our community.