Scheduling at UAMS Northwest is conducted through the UAMS R25 system. This is the same system used by Little Rock.

To Schedule a room with UAMS Northwest please follow the below steps:
1. Gather the needed information regarding your meeting/class including:

  • Meeting Chairperson:
  • Meeting Title:
  • Time:
  • Date:
  • Preferred Room:
  • IVN Needed?
  • If IVN – Where connecting to?
  • Expected # of Attendees:
  • Any Additional Equipment Needed:
  • Special Requests:

2. Email NW Scheduling with the above information:


3. Once scheduled, NW Scheduling will send a confirmation email to the Meeting Chairperson and Video Support if IVN is scheduled.

Once Scheduled, you can view your rooms at

On this page you can view all of UAMS rooms. To look at Northwest rooms, click the “Northwest Regional Campus” link in the blue right section of the page.