Below are a list of the preferred Clinical Vendors and Staples Advantage for office supplies. The main link will lead you to the site and the few steps below each site will guide you on how to search for and find needed items and item numbers.

Quick Link to details below:

Note: Any UAMS Vendor below can be used for clinical supplies. However, Medline is currently UAMS’s vendor of choice. All office supplies must be purchased from Staples Advantage.

Note: McKesson is an approved vendor. However, it does not have an online catalog to view. If they have items you need to purchase, please work out details specifically with purchasing and allow ample time for vendor guidance and ordering (more than 10 business days).


  1. Search for item needing (a list of items will appear in a drop down list)


  1. Choose preferred item. Item number = Manuf/Supplier #/SKU

medline2b medline2


Henry Schein

  1. Click “Medical”
  2. In the Pop Up choose your area
  3. Click “Browse Supplies” or type in your item to search
  4. Under “Browse” you can either search by category, manufacturer, or use the search bar
  1. You will find the item name, description and item number in the long list and in the drop down (that you see when you click the item name).


Besse Pharmaceutical

  1. Type into the “Search” field for the item you are looking for. The Online Catalog will appear with a list of relevant items. The item # is above the thumbnail of the item.



For Office Supplies

FIRST – Review Formulary for Approved Item.

  1. Go to
  2. Here, you can download the entire spreadsheet OR select a category (both brings up an excel document, categories will only have items that match that category in the excel document)

Note: You can save the entire formulary to your computer. However, this document can change without anyone being notified. Please be sure to re-download the file at least once every few months for accuracy.

  1. Item wanted is on formulary:
    1. Use fields to complete request form
    2. Note: UOM = Unit of Measure and Qty/UOM = How many items will come when you request 1 UOM. When you request 1 UOM, you will get the qty listed on the formulary. EX: 1 Pk of Badge clips #573105 = 100 badge clips in total.
  2. Item looks to be of use but unsure.
    1. Copy “Staples No” and past in “Search” box below.
    2. There you will see the item the formulary is discussing.
  3. Item needed is not on formulary. – Search Staples Advantage (below), find item and then provide justification for that item in the purchasing request.


Staples Advantage

  1. Click “Shop”
  2. Next either type your item in “Search” or “Browse Categories”
  3. The item number is referred to as “Staples Item #