The UAMS Northwest Purchasing department is currently undergoing process improvement changes!  Please excuse our mess as we modify our procedures to meet your needs.

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Current Procedures for Requesting Purchases at UAMS NW
Implemented February 17, 2016, Currently Under Evaluation

  • All departments are responsible for keeping track of their own supply closet.  (The cage bulk supply is removed. Guidance on creating par levels to come.)
  • Any item costing more than $1000 requires supervisor approval prior to being submitted to purchasing. Note, if you do not know the price, purchasing will let you know if approval is needed once that is discovered.
  • Purchasing now utilizes a batch ordering process.  All basic clinical, vaccine, and office supply requests will be ordered on Mondays.
  • (Fayetteville Campus) All non-perishible items will be separated by departments when delivered. Departments with items in the delivery will be notified to come to pick up said items from 8-12 at the cage area M-F.  Note, the purchasing department will not deliver any basic supplies to individual departments.


How To Request Basic Supplies


  1. Determine your supply needs from your own supply closet inventory.
  2. Email purchasing with request at their new email address:

    Be sure to include all of the following for each item.Note, Incomplete requests will be held and responded to after the batched order is completed.

    1. Department (EX: Fay Clinic)
    2. For All requested items:
      See Approved Vendors page for guidance on finding details below for requested items.

      1. Item Name
      2. Basic Description
      3. Vendor
      4. Item #
      5. Quantity
      6. Justification (if any item for office supplies are not on the UAMS Formulary, there must be justification for purchase)
      7. Approval email string (if any item is greater than $1000 department head/dean must approve purchase request for item) 
  3. Submit all office and clinical supply requests by Friday at 5pm. All complete requests will be ordered on Monday’s.NOTE: Purchasing will batch complete office and clinical requests every Monday unless campus holiday or vacation prohibits this. During Monday holidays, these requests will be conducted on Tuesdays. The purchasing department strives to have at least a part time employee available to complete these requests at all times. However, this is not guaranteed. 
  4. Purchasing will notify you when your item is delivered for pickup at receiving dock.

Requesting Food from Vendor Outside of UAMS

All outside food vendors request must be approved prior to event.  See below for details.

For Pre-Approval

  • Requestor must be meeting organizer
  • Must use vendor from pre-approved list (see pre-approved vendors)
  • Email purchasing as soon as meeting is organized with the following (preferably 1+ weeks notice):
    • Who, What, When, Where, Why

After Meeting and Food Distribution

  • Food Invoice/Receipt must be stamped/written with received by name and date
  • A sign-in sheet should be created for the meeting
  • Both invoice and sign-in sheet must be scanned and emailed to NW Purchasing


Remember, odd/non-standard requests take time!

Not all purchasing requests are created equal. Requests for items from new vendors, dues, services, books, online payment requirements, equipment, and high priced items require more attention to detail and procedures. Procedures and plans for these items are in the works.

Email purchasing with the request and they will work through the details to get you what you need.