There are multiple resources available for managers at UAMS and UAMS Northwest. Please see the below links for guidance on HR related tasks for your department.


HR for Managers (link to UAMS HR)


New Employee On-boarding at UAMS Northwest

Starting July 27th, 2015 the following tasks should be completed for any new hire at UAMS Northwest.

  1. Work with HR to get position approved.
  2. Once approved, complete New Employee Form (click link)
    • The form will notify NW IT, Facilities, Purchasing, HR, and Employee Health. They will be in contact with you to prepare for this future hire.
  3. Once a person is selected, you and HR will select a start date. HR will update the form for the various areas on campus to be notified.
  4. In most situations* your new employee will start on one of the orientation dates listed on the NW HR calendar.  The agenda can be found on the New Employee site.  The main sections of the orientation include
    • Day 1 AM: Benefits, Payroll and Employee Health
    • Day 1 PM: Introduction to Areas of UAMS NW
    • Day 2: Department Orientation and Meet IT Desktop Support at Desk/Office Location.
    • Day 3 AM: At Department
    • Day 3 PM: Online Orientation in Computer Lab with HR and Final Review with Employee Health

* See the Employee Type Grid for guidance on the requirements for each new employee.

Definition of Vendors for this project:  A vendor, who does not need to go through this process, is someone who does not require a UAMS badge, any modules on the online orientation, or work with HR to get them functional in the job they are being paid for.