While located on the UAMS Northwest campus, there are multiple ways that you can get help from the Police Department in the event you are hurt, threatened or feel a need for their presence on campus. We also have security and police detail on our campus for your safety.


Police Department with our Jurisdiction:  University of Arkansas Police Department

Get Help

When you call 911 for help, make sure you give the following information:

Location: UAMS Northwest Regional Campus AT _______

By UAMS NW Phone: 9911 (answered by UA Dispatch)

By Cell Phone: 911 (most likely will be sent to Fayetteville Dispatch)

Contact U of A PD Dispatch Directory:  479-575-2222 (save in your cell phone)

We also have Emergency Call Boxes.  These are located on the 1st floor at:

By Maintenance Doors
Across from Elevators by COM
By entrance of Parking Garage

To use these, simply push the call button and you will be connected with U of A PD Dispatch for assistance.