UAMS Northwest follows a modified version of the UAMS Emergency Preparedness Policy. This policy is created and reviewed by the Northwest Emergency Preparedness Committee (NWEPC) and signed by the Vice Chancellor of our campus.  Click to View the NW Emergency Preparedness Policy.

About the Committee

The NWEPC is represented by every area on campus and meets quarterly and on an as needed basis.  They create and review the Emergency Operations Plan which includes individual Departmental Procedures in the event of emergency situations.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The EOP, framed around the LR UAMS EOP, consists of all the emergency and safety policies, procedures and protocols at UAMS Northwest.  It is reviewed and approved by the NWEPC, the NWEPC Chair and the Director of Finance and Admin on a yearly basis.  Except for departmental procedures and sensitive security protocols, this PDF document can be viewed online at here.  Departmental Procedures can be found on a UAMS Northwest network folder found in the training module.

Emergency and Safety New and Annual Training

All UAMS Northwest employees are required to participate in training that both the Little Rock and Northwest Campus deploys.  This will begin in new employee orientation and will continue on an annual basis.  You will receive an email from UAMS regarding your Little Rock required training at various times throughout the year.  Each Quarter One, you will recieve an email from the current Emergency Preparedness Chair for yearly training for the UAMS Northwest Campus.

UAMS Northwest Campus Training

Training Module
Policy Quick Guide

After training, please complete the acknowledgement of completion form at:

FY 2015 – 2016 Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Victoria Miller,
Administration Rep: Keith Faught, Director of Finance and Admin
Secretary: Jolleen Adams
Committee Members:

  • Mike Taylor
  • Laura Williams
  • Liz Bausinger
  • Leslie Hitt
  • Sarah Green
  • Emily Henderson
  • PT Business Manager – VACANT
  • Nathan Jowers
  • Jolleen Adams
  • Kaye Yochum
  • Tracy Rogers
  • Ralph Wilmoth