Medical and Mental Health Services

Student Medical Services:

The AHEC Northwest Family
Medical Center, located within the UAMS Northwest campus, is the provider for Student Health Services for the Northwest Campus.

  • Treatment of minor illnesses as covered by student health fee
  • The following CLIA-waived procedures:  Strep, flu, UA without micro analysis
  • TB skin tests

  • Immunizations

  • Care of needle-sticks and blood/body fluid exposures

  • Referral to a physician is available for students who require services outside the scope of Student Health including treatment of chronic and severe illnesses, lab services not listed above, x-rays, etc.  (These items will be billed to student/insurance.)

Contact them for an appointment at (479)
521-8260, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Student Mental Health Services:

UAMS PRI (Psychiatric
Research Institute) Northwest provides short-term, confidential assistance for
students who are assigned to the NW campus. 

Medical Center

4th floor of the Jones
Clinic Building

601 W. Maple Avenue. 
Springdale, AR

Northwest Arkansas to 601 W Maple Ave, Springdale, AR Google Maps]

To schedule a
confidential appointment, call (479) 750-2742.

For an

after-hours emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room for immediate

From the UAMS website: 
Students seek help for depression, anxiety, grief, relationship conflicts,
academic difficulties and numerous o
ther issues interfering with their maximal
functioning. Seeking care through the service is absolutely confidential. The
only exceptions to the strict code of confidentially (as required by law)
include homicidality (planning to kill someone else, or being so severely
impaired that patients in your care are in jeopardy), suicidality (planning to
kill self) and child abuse.

Record keeping is also strictly
confidential within the student wellness program and does not go into the
campus wide electronic UAMS medical record. For short term treatment, there is
no financial cost to students seeking care. A utilization report is generated
annually to justify continued funding for the service. This report may contain
the number of students utilizing the service and describe the types of problems
students seek help for. Specific identifying information about students is not

Due to the high volume of
utilization, students are urged to keep an appointment once it is made or cancel
as far as possible in advance to allow other students timely access to services.

Referrals for Long Term
Students suffering from
major mental illnesses and/or severe substance addiction requiring inpatient
hospitalization and/or intensive long term care will be referred to the
appropriate resources. The cost for this level of care is the responsibility of
the student (it is important to maintain health insurance coverage without lapse
throughout your education.)