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The Maternal Child Health team provides and connects individuals and families to health services available in the community. Through this work, the team seeks to understand health disparities in maternal and infant health among low-income and/or racial and ethnic minority communities in Northwest Arkansas while improving health practices and outcomes for mothers, children, and families.

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Healthy Start

Healthy Start is a program the promotes positive birth outcomes and improves the health and well-being of mothers and infants. This is accomplished by supporting women and families before, during, and after pregnancy. We work with families to ensure that every child has a safe and nurturing environment every day so that they can be healthy throughout their life. The program provides moms, dads, partners, and families with education, resources, and support through services in the home, hospital or other community settings and one-on-one phone calls.

For more information about Healthy Start/Jined ilo Kobo, please contact Krista Langston at 479-713-8661 or

Funding for the Healthy Start/Jined ilo Kobo Program is provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

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Kommour Prenatal
Kōmmour Prenatal

Kōmmour Prenatal is a group prenatal program that aims to reduce maternal and infant health disparities among Marshallese Pacific Islander women. Group Prenatal Care, also known as Centering, is a promising intervention that can increase health promotion content and social support, as well as lead to behavior changes that can address the maternal and infant health disparities experienced by Marshallese populations and other Pacific Islander populations.

For more information about Kōmmour Prenatal, contact Dr. Britni Ayers at

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