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Pearl McElfish, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Vice Chancellor, Northwest Arkansas Campus
Director of the Office of Community Health and Research,
Co-Director of the Center for Pacific Islander Health

479-713-8680 or

Dr. McElfish’s published articles can be found here.

Lisa Smith, M.B.A.
Director of Programs and Administration

479-713-8691 or

Chris Long, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Research and Evaluation

479-713-8675 or

Kaitlyn Akel
Administrative Specialist

Britni Ayers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
479-713-8662 or

Dr. Ayers’s published articles are available here.

Wanna Bing
Project Manager

479-713-8688 or

Kejjo Clarence
Project Coordinator
479-713-8664 or

Dale Cox
Budget and Operations Manager
479-713-8682 or

Bonnie Faitak, M.A., M.Ed.
Project Manager
479-713-8655 or

Tesse Graham-Livingston
Project Manager
479-713-8648 or

Mell Jacklick
Project Coordinator
479-713-8674 or

Rachelle Narcisse Jean-Louis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
479-713-8689 or

Kyle Kaminicki
Administrative Specialist
479-713-8672 or

Benetick Kabua Maddison
Community Health Worker
479-713-8000 or

Sammie Mamis
Community Health Worker
479-713-8705 or

Carrie Kent
Communications Manager
479-713-8000 or

Sarah Moore, M.S., R.N.
Associate Director

479-713-8678 or

Morda Newton
Project Coordinator
479-713-8656 or

Jenny Post, M.A.
Research Associate

479-713-8687 or

Rachel Purvis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

479-713-8693 or

Dr. Purvis’s published articles can be found here.

Lynda Riklon
Clinical Interpreter
479-713-8651 or

Sheldon Riklon, M.D.
Peter O. Kohler Endowed Distinguished Professors in Health Disparities
Associate Professor
479-713-8658 or

Dr. Riklon’s published articles can be found here.

Mandy Ritok
Project Manager

479-713-8694 or

Victoria Rowe, M.S.
Project Coordinator
479-716-8661 or

Brett Rowland, M.A.
Research Assistant
479-713-8667 or

Brett Rowland’s published research can be found here.

Cindy Soulsby
Office Coordinator
479-713-8669 or

Karra Sparks, R.D., L.D., C.D.E.
Project Manager, Diabetes Educator
479-713-8690 or

Terry Takamaru
Clinical Interpreter
479-713-8704 or

Carolina Vargas
Project Coordinator
479-713-8684 or

Gwen Wiley
Project Coordinator

479-713-8676 or

Ralph Wilmoth, M.P.H./M.P.A.
Project Manager
479-713-8692 or