Student Medical Services

Student Medical Services

The UAMS Northwest Family Medical Center, located within the UAMS Northwest campus, is the provider for Student Health Services for the Northwest Regional Campus.

  • Treatment of minor illnesses as covered by student health fee
  • The following CLIA-waived procedures:  Strep, flu, UA without micro analysis
  • TB skin tests

  • Immunizations

  • Care of needle-sticks and blood/body fluid exposures

  • Referral to a physician is available for students who require services outside the scope of Student Health including treatment of chronic and severe illnesses, lab services not listed above, x-rays, etc.  (These items will be billed to student/insurance.)

Contact them for an appointment at (479) 521-8260.

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

For more details, please see the UAMS Northwest Student Handbook 2019-2020.