James Marsh

Dr. James Marsh, Department Chair

Welcome to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Northwest Arkansas Community Internal Medicine Residency Program website. The UAMS Northwest Internal Medicine Residency is an important part of the overall education and training program of the College of Medicine and Department of Internal Medicine of UAMS. Although I am based at UAMS in Little Rock, I have great interest in the vitality of our growing UAMS Northwest residency. The Department of Internal Medicine supports three residencies: a categorical Internal Medicine residency based in Little Rock at UAMS Hospital, a combined Medicine-Pediatrics residency based at UAMS Hospital and Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, and the UAMS Northwest Internal Medicine residency based in Fayetteville. All of the residencies share some didactic sessions via video conferencing including medical grand rounds, the Medicine Clinical-Pathology Conference (CPC), some additional noon conferences, and the July “survival guide” conferences for new interns. There are opportunities for UAMS Northwest residents to undertake medical subspecialty rotations in Little Rock as well. The UAMS College of Medicine has been training physicians for about 150 years, and we are proud to support a robust UAMS Northwest Medical Residency in the 21st century.

James D. Marsh, M.D.
Nolan Professor and Chair
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

UAMS-NW Community Internal Medicine Residency
College of Medicine, Room M19
1125 North College Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72703-1908