Basement  Storage, Receiving, Housekeeping
Northwest Yoga Center
  Northwest Wellness Center
First Floor Academic Programs
(Enter from North Street * College of Health Professions
or elevator)            – Doctor of Physical Therapy
           – Doctor of Occupational Therapy
             – Radiologic Imaging Sciences
           – Genetic Counseling
           – Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    * College of Medicine
            – Internal Medicine Residency Program
      * College of Nursing
         * College of Pharmacy
  North Street Clinic
  Northwest Specialty Clinic
  Student Services
Pat and Willard Walker Student Education Center
Second Floor Vice Chancellor’s Suite
(Enter from upper level     * Vice Chancellor
of parking deck or     * Associate Provost
elevator)     * Director of Finance
      * Clinical Integration
    * Director of Development
    * Communications and Marketing
      * Purchasing Department
    * Director of Human Resources
    * Administration Conference Room H07
Family Medical Center
            – Family Medicine Residency Program
Outpatient Therapy Clinic
Trammell Board Room
Parker Classroom
  Fitness Center
Third Floor-East Baker Conference Center
Third Floor-West ANGELS
Third Floor-West Emergency Management
Fourth Floor Office of Community Health and Research
Fifth Floor Arkansas Veterans Home
Sixth Floor Arkansas Veterans Home
IT Building 22 W. North Street (West of main building) Information Technology Department