Basement Storage, Receiving, Housekeeping
  Lifestyles Shredding (tenant)
First Floor ANGELS
(Enter from North Street Academic Programs
or elevator) * College of Health Professions
             – Doctor of Physical Therapy
             – Radiologic Imaging Sciences
  * College of Medicine
             – Internal Medicine Residency
  * College of Nursing
  * College of Pharmacy
  North Street Clinic
  Pat and Willard Walker Student Education Center
  Specialty Clinic
  Student Affairs
Second Floor Administrative Offices
(Enter from upper level * Vice Chancellor, UAMS Northwest Regional Campus
of parking deck or * Director, UAMS Northwest Regional Program
elevator) * Director of Business Development
  * Director of Finance
  * Human Resources
  * Purchasing
  * Senior Director of Development
  Administration Conference Room H07
  Bradberry Board Room H01
  Family Medical Center
  Family Medicine Residency
  Outpatient Therapy Clinic
  Parker Classroom
Third Floor-East Baker Conference Center
Third Floor-West Health Initiatives Research – Dr. Gary Linker (tenant)
Fourth Floor-East
Fourth Floor-West Community Health and Research Department
Fifth Floor-East Arkansas Veterans Home
Fifth Floor-West
Sixth Floor Arkansas Veterans Home
IT Building Information Technology Department
 (West of main building)