Getting Help from PD

While located on the UAMS Northwest campus, there are multiple ways that you can get help from the Police Department in the event you are hurt, threatened or feel a need for their presence on campus. We also have security and police detail on our campus for your safety.


This information is listed below:

Police Department with our Jurisdiction:  University of Arkansas Police Department

Get Help

When you call 911 for help, make sure you give the following information:

Location: UAMS Northwest Campus AT _______

By UAMS NW Phone: 9911 (answered by UA Dispatch)

By Cell Phone: 911 (most likely will be sent to Fayetteville Dispatch)

Contact U of A PD Dispatch Directory:  479-575-2222 (save in your cell phone)

We also have Emergency Call Boxes.  These are located on the 1st floor at:

By Maintenance Doors
Across from Elevators by COM
By entrance of Parking Garage

To use these, simply push the call button and you will be connected with U of A PD Dispatch for assistance.