Resident Profiles

2016-06-30-14-58-08Top Row:  Dr. Chris Finlay; Dr. Mark Shelnutt; Dr. Naveen Kallarackal; Dr. Kristopher Stepps

Bottom Row:  Dr. Thomas Schulz (Program Director); Dr. Michelle Valentine; Dr. Nhanmy Huynh; Dr. Sonia Chaudhary; Dr. Matthew Neoh












The Northwest community partnership hospitals welcomed these members of the Inaugural Class of 2016-2017 to our UAMS Northwest Arkansas Community Internal Medicine Residency.  We have provided a short resident profile to introduce you to these talented physicians.

Class of 2019:











Sonia Chaudhary, M.D.
Medical School: U. Med. & Dental Col. Faisalabad; Faisalabad, Pakistan

Sonia is from a strong family culture who has encouraged and propelled her towards medicine.  Her perspective as a doctor in a poverty stricken healthcare system in Pakistan has imparted an appreciation for the impact of an healthcare system on the communities they serve.  She is grateful for her supportive family and her mother’s dream of her becoming a physician to help others.  She is looking forward to developing skills as a physician in internal medicine and acute patient care.  She also enjoys travelling and cooking.

Christopher Finlay, M.D.
Medical School: U. of Arkansas for Med. Sci.; Little Rock, AR

Christopher has a background as a computer programmer prior to medical school but has found a far more fulfilling and worthwhile career in the medical community.  He has discovered a love of teaching and connecting to an environment as a life-long learner who wants to teach students in some capacity throughout his residency training.  He wants to commit himself to patients, their safety, their families, and their stories.  Christopher enjoys a variety of activities which include photography/video, woodworking/carpentry, home improvement, gardening, technology, auto mechanics, motorcycling, bicycling, etc.

Nhanmy Huynh, M.D.
Medical School: St. George’s U. Sch. of Med.; Grenada, West Indies

Nhanmy’s, “MyNhan”, journey to becoming a physician fulfills a spiritual obligation to herself and society.  Her clinical experiences have exposed her to a diverse patient demographic and socioeconomic status and a variety of medical conditions that include acute and urgent care, preventative medicine, and management of chronic conditions.  She has enjoyed being a part medical care teams and has developed a strong sense of work ethic and dependability which will benefit her peers and patients during her residency training.  MyNhan loves travelling domestically and internationally, cooking, and taking care of her puppies.

Naveen Kallarackal, M.D.
Medical School: Ross U. Sch. of Med.; Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica

Naveen started his career as a bio-medical engineer who experienced personal hardship in his life which resulted in his choice to contribute to society through medicine and make a difference.  He experienced poverty and suffering in India in his early years and has participated in several medical mission trips to provide medical aid to slums, HIV/AIDS patients, victims of abuse, etc.  He has an infinite desire to become an internal medicine physician who will have a broad understanding of diseases and treatments.  His goal is to contribute to the community and give back to his patients through impeccable medical care.  Naveen loves travelling internationally, martial arts-jiujitsu, scuba diving, sky diving, camping, fishing, swimming and a variety of activities.

Matthew Neoh, M.D.
Medical School: UAMS Northwest Campus, Fayetteville, AR; U. of Arkansas for Med. Sci.; Little Rock, AR

Matthew is a graduate from the UAMS Northwest Campus.  His early life experiences in the Philippines exposed him to rampant disease and children forced to survive begging on the streets.  This early experience influenced his decision to find lifelong fulfillment in working with patients in a close-knit community environment in underserved areas to improve the lives of people.  Through personal hardships, he has also found inspiration and strength from working as a part of a team to improve healthcare in both clinical and interpersonal spheres.  He is also a classically-trained pianist and swimmer.

Mark Shelnutt, M.D.
Medical School: U. of Arkansas for Med. Sci.; Little Rock, AR

Mark committed to a lifelong dream of becoming a physician at an early age.  He has experienced several hardships and difficult situations but has persevered and found strength in these challenges.  He has developed a strong interest in preventive and public health.  He hopes to continue his work in both primary care and population health settings to advocate help for others who struggle.  Mark enjoys music (classical, blues, rock, jazz, and older country music), hiking and his pets.  He also plays guitar and piano and enjoys writing original pieces.

Kristopher Stepps, M.D.
Medical School: U. of Arkansas for Med. Sci.; Little Rock, AR

Kristopher is full of energy and enthusiasm and his demeanor exemplifies many of the necessary attributes of a fine physician.  He has always strived to become a small community physician involved in the community as a church member, life coach, and an influential voice.  He understands the impact of physicians and how they influence the next generation of physicians.  Family hardships and support have been a catalyst to fulfill his dream of supporting disadvantaged underrepresented communities and make the world a better place starting in the communities.

Michelle Valentine, D.O.
Medical School: Rocky Vista U. Col. of Osteopathic Med.; Parker, CO

Michelle’s personal life experiences have given her platform to channel her determination and work ethic as a first-rate physician with a special empathy toward others.  These experiences have inspired her as a role model on how to overcome obstacles and succeed at displaying characteristics of the highest level of competency and integrity while serving her community and embracing the “team” approach to a patient’s healthcare.